Our Services

Research Consultation

DDSS supports faculty needs in statistical analysis, research design, programming, and data collection. A small team provides consultation services tied to DDSS-funded projects, as well as ad-hoc requests based upon team member availability. 


Administrative Support

The DDSS can also provide guidance on creating data sharing agreements with outside entities that furnish access to new data sources. We also offer expert advice on data storage, data security, privacy protections, and adherence to guidelines for protection of human subjects in research.


Secure Data Rooms

The new DDSS facilities planned for 221 Nassau St will include secure work stations for use in accessing and analyzing highly secure data sets with restricted access.  The work stations will adhere to standards specified in data sharing agreements in order to prevent unauthorized or inappropriate use of restricted data.


Replication Services

The DDSS plans to offer services that facilitate independent replication of research results. DDSS staff will be available to inspect computer code used for statistical analysis and hypothesis testing.