Information for Current Grantees

Project Updates

Grantees must apprise DDSS of any significant developments over the course of their projects. This may include, not least, preliminary findings, media attention, or resultant publications.

Updates should be sent directly to [email protected], with the subject line Project Update. Please include the names of your project and the principal investigators within the email.


One-Year Report

At the conclusion of each project, grantees will submit a brief report detailing how the grant was applied, as well as how the resulting research helped to contribute to innovation within the social science community at Princeton and beyond.

In addition to details on applied funding, the report should address the following questions:

  1. What theoretical problem or question did you aim to solve or answer?
  2. What were your main sources of data and mode of data collection (e.g., surveys, experiments, digitization of historic documents, webscraping)?
  3. Which empirical methods/techniques did you use to analyze the data?
  4. What were the challenges in obtaining, organizing or analyzing the data?
  5. What are your conclusions or anticipated findings?
  6. What techniques, computer code, or research products from your project can the DDSS make available to future projects?

Grantees should submit their reports using our One-Year Report Form.