Graduate Fellows of Social Data Science

Fall 2024 Fellows

Alvaro Carril
PhD Candidate, Economics

Research Interests: Information provision, development economics, economics of education, Choice under imperfect information / biased beliefs

Technical Expertise: Python, R, TypeScript, AWS (Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, DynamoDB, Aurora, EC2), Database Management (relational / non-relational),…

Dahyun Choi
PhD Candidate, Politics

Research Interests: Political Economy of Information Provision, Trade and Environmental Regulations, Use of Info by Business Interests

Technical Expertise: R, Python, Machine Learning, Text Analysis, Measurement Problems, Causal Inference, Interaction between ML and Causal Inference

Kimberly Kreiss
1st Year MPA

Research Interests: Consumer Credit Access, Urban and Regional Development, Survey Research, Occupational Stratification, and Labor Market Inequality

Technical Expertise: R, R Shiny, Python, GIS, Geospatial Analysis, Text Analytics, Machine Learning, Reproducible Research

Yuhan Liu

Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Social Computing, Sociotechnical Systems

Technical Expertise: Python, Java, JavaScript, SQL, C++

Till Raphael Saenger
PhD Candidate, Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Research Interests: Statistical Methodology, Causal Inference with Text, Applications of Large Language Models

Technical Expertise: R, Python, Machine Learning, Statistics, Large Language Models, Natural Language Processing, Text Analysis

Will Schulz
PhD Candidate, Politics

Research Interests: Political Behavior, Speech, Networks, Natural Language Processing, Experiments

Technical Expertise: R, Python, STAN, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Shiny, SQL

Jacob Tucker
PhD Candidate, Politics

Research Interests: Political Psychology, Russia, Public Opinion, Survey Methods

Technical Expertise: R, Python, C++, Generative AI and Large Language Models, Data Management (SQL, DynamoDB, and Google BigQuery), Bayesian Modeling, AWS, Full Stack Web-Development, Data Security

Previous Cohorts of DDSS Graduate Fellows

Spring 2023

Dayhun Choi, Politics

Ari Dyckovsky, Psychology

Promise Ekpo, Computer Science

Kimberly Kreiss, MPA

Will Schulz, Politics

Jacob Tucker, Politics

Lai Wei, Sociology