Introduction to Volunteer Science

Dec. 6, 2021

Volunteer Science is a full-service online behavioral lab. You can use it to create and run cognitive tasks with our pool of 17,000 volunteers, multiperson bargaining experiments with Turkers, or collect survey and social media data from students on campus. Volunteer Science is comprised of three main systems. First, the study builder and study library include software for creating behavioral studies with native support for multiperson interaction, digital consent, and social media data integration, and a library of more than 50 study templates. The participant recruitment system connects you to many different pools including Mechanical Turk, our online panel, online advertising, or our daily stream of volunteers. Finally, the participant management system allows you to empanel participants and target recruitment, schedule sessions, and create and automate messages to participants.


Princeton Welcome Event

On December 9th from 12pm-1pm ET, we will hold a virtual meet and greet event where we will demonstrate the platform, discuss upcoming workshops and trainings, and answer any of your questions. To sign up for the meet and greet, follow this link: is external).