Networking and Training

Technical Matchmaking

DDSS is coordinating initial meetings so researchers at all levels (graduate students, research specialists, postdocs, faculty, etc.) can meet others working in these technical niche areas. The aim is to share knowledge across disciplines, avoid duplicate efforts made in isolation, and identify areas through which DDSS may best support these efforts (e.g., providing a repository for crowdsourced code, coordinating advanced training, or developing relevant tools).

We will hold an introductory meeting for each group, where researchers can learn about the research questions, approaches, challenges, and priorities of other projects within the same area. Please click tab below for current searches. 

DDSS Workshops

DDSS holds its own workshops during the academic year. These events will be announced through our mailing list and will be posted here. Ideas for additional workshops, including advanced technical training by external sources, can be submitted to [email protected] for consideration.

Princeton R Group

The Princeton R Group, sponsored by DDSS, will host a series of monthly R lunch-n-learns, lightning talks, and invited speakers. Details for forthcoming events will be added to this page. Please contact DDSS Graduate Fellow Kim Kreiss or Angela Li to learn more about the group or propose topics for future sessions.


DDSS Workshops

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Matchmaking Groups

We are currently searching for researchers working on the following topics:

  • Video as Data (from annotation to computer vision)
  • Geocoding in Social Science Data
  • Large Language Models
  • Complex Record Linkages
  • Stochastic Network Models

Please email Lori Bougher stating your interest in joining any of these groups or if you have a proposal for another topic.

R Group

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