Graduate Fellowship in Social Data Science

Graduate Fellowship in Social Data Science

To achieve our mandate for not only innovation and technical rigor in quantitative social science, but also multidisciplinary community-building, DDSS seeks talented graduate students who can both facilitate technical advancement through their existing skills, but also act as influential delegates for the DDSS within their departmental communities.

Details: Graduate students working in computational or quantitative social science will receive a $1200 stipend (for research expenses and conference travel), experience providing one-to-one consultation with students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty in the social sciences, and the opportunity to shape a wider support network for social data science at Princeton.

Graduate Fellows will be expected to advise on computationally intensive, methodologically advanced, or technically innovative skills. Areas of expertise may include, but are not limited to text analysis, social media data, high-performance computing, machine learning, network analysis, tool development, GIS expertise, database development and storage of big data, web-scraping, etc. In addition to being programmatically-skilled, ideal candidates will also have a genuine interest in building a multi-disciplinary research community, to which they will continue to participate after their fellowship ends. This position does not entail specific project support or research assistance (see DDSS Consultant for more traditional RA role).

Responsibilities: Fellows should expect to dedicate approximately 1-3 hours a week to fellowship activities. Fellows are expected to:

  • Respond to consultation requests relevant to their specific technical skillset during the semester.
  • Attend DDSS events, including DDSS Coffee Hours where they will present at one meeting. 
  • Provide updates on research projects, relay common consultation requests, identify areas where advanced training workshops would be most effective, and propose other novel ideas for advancing the mission of the DDSS.
  • Help organize and promote DDSS informal social events, discussion groups, or seminars.
  • Contribute to public good creation, such as reference guides and contributions to the DDSS GitHub repository.

Eligibility: Applicants must be enrolled graduate students. They can be enrolled in any department, provided that they possess advanced technical skills that can be aptly applied to social science. Graduate students can re-apply for renewal each term. Visiting students are not eligible to apply. Assessment is primarily based on the technical skills of each applicant, but we also consider the interdisciplinary composition of each cohort. Master's students are invited to apply, but priority will be given to PhD candidates.

How to apply: Please use our online submission form to submit a CV and 1-2 page research statement that describes your research interests and details your areas of programming and methodological expertise. Applications for consideration of a Fall 2024 Fellowship must be received June 17, 2024. Questions can be sent to [email protected] with subject line “Graduate Fellows Program.”