Graduate Fellows of Social Data Science

Spring 2023 Fellows

Dahyun Choi
PhD Candidate, Politics

Research Interests: Political Economy of Information Provision, Trade and Environmental Regulations, Use of Info by Business Interests

Technical Expertise: R, Python, Machine Learning, Text Analysis, Measurement Problems, Causal Inference, Interaction between ML and Causal Inference

Ari Dyckovsky
PhD Candidate, Psychology

Research Interests: Collective Behavior, Social Networks, Blockchains, Decision Making, Social Identity, Emotion

Technical Expertise: Online Experiments, Agent-Based Modeling, NLP, User Interface Design, Command Line Tools, Reproducible Analyses, Databases, Version Control, AWS

Promise Ekpo
Graduate Student, Computer Science

Research Interests: Machine Learning in Healthcare and AI Safety, Use of Reinforcement Learning to Study Emergent Manipulative Behaviors in Large Language Agents. 

Technical Expertise: Python, Reinforcement Learning, Sklearn libraries, Generative AI, and Large Language Models.

Kimberly Kreiss
1st Year MPA

Research Interests: Consumer Credit Access, Urban and Regional Development, Survey Research, Occupational Stratification, and Labor Market Inequality

Technical Expertise: R, R Shiny, Python, GIS, Geospatial Analysis, Text Analytics, Machine Learning, Reproducible Research

Will Schulz
PhD Candidate, Politics

Research Interests: Political Behavior, Speech, Networks, Natural Language Processing, Experiments

Technical Expertise: R, Python, STAN, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Shiny, SQL

Jacob Tucker
PhD Candidate, Politics

Research Interests: Political Psychology, Russia, Public Opinion, Survey Methods

Technical Expertise: R, Python, C++, Generative AI and Large Language Models, Data Management (SQL, DynamoDB, and Google BigQuery), Bayesian Modeling, AWS, Full Stack Web-Development, Data Security

Lai Wei
PhD Candidate, Sociology

Research Interests: Intergenerational Mobility, Economic Inequality, Labor Market, Chinese Society

Technical Expertise: R, Causal Inference, Categorical Data Analysis, Decomposition and Demographic Methods, Survey and Longitudinal Data Analysis