Small-Scale Grants

Proposals requiring no more than $5,000 are considered on a semi-rolling basis during the academic school year. We welcome applications from all fields in social science.


We encourage applications for funding to support the development of new project ideas, working groups, data sets, data management/wrangling for existing projects, research infrastructure, and seminars/conferences. 

All funded projects will be provided with additional administrative, project management, and analytic/technical support by the Data-Driven Social Science Initiative. Preference will be paid to the proposed projects that can best leverage these resources. Further, DDSS aims to support innovative research that would otherwise be unable to secure funding.

We encourage you to contact us with questions about what can (or cannot) be included in the proposals. Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Facilitate collaboration across and within social science disciplines and fields.
  • Advance the use of pioneering research methods, computational analysis, challenging data sets, and other innovations in social science research.
  • Impact the larger social science community and beyond. Outputs may include sharable data sets, training for students, or findings/methods that can be communicated to a diverse campus audience.
  • Demonstrate the need for additional computing infrastructure for social science research at Princeton.

Applicants should include a detailed budget with their proposal. For awarded grants, an impact or status report will be required within 12 months of the final disbursement of funds.


Eligible Applicants

Individual Princeton faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, students, or groups comprised of faculty, postdocs, and/or students may submit proposals. All student submissions and some postdoc and researcher applications (as determined by IRB PI eligibility) must include a Princeton faculty member as adviser or principal investigator.


How to Apply

Proposals for both levels of funding should include a brief statement of the research question and design (max. 2 pages). Particular attention should be paid to how the research activities and design align with DDSS’s mission to promote innovation in quantitative and computational social science. An itemized budget with justification, listing other sources of funding received or pending, should be submitted on a separate page. All applicants must also include an updated CV. Materials should be submitted through our online submission form. Any questions can be directed at [email protected].



Small grant proposals can be submitted during the Fall and Spring semesters from October until the end of May. Funding decisions will be made on a semi-rolling basis (reviewed at the end of each month).