Frontiers in Data Science

Symposium Series

The DDSS Frontiers in Data Science Symposium series is organized around specific topics and will feature an interdisciplinary group of speakers with expertise in different areas, including computer science, statistics, social sciences, industry, and government. The topics will center on research questions and societal challenges where data-driven scientific solutions require the integration of the social sciences with statistical methods, computer science, and research design.


The Spread of Misinformation in a World Optimized for Engagement

Friday, May 10, 2024

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The spread of misinformation is one of society's current challenges. The vast networks of communication and algorithms established in social media platforms can amplify false or inaccurate information at an unprecedented scale, potentially posing risks for public health, public security, democratic accountability, and many other domains. This DDSS symposium will focus on the role of algorithmic amplification in the spread of misinformation, the role of statistics and machine learning in processing information and misinformation, and some of the strategies that are being developed to counter misinformation.

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Adam Berinsky, PhD

Mitsui Professor of Political Science

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Andy Guess, PhD

Assistant Professor of Politics and Public Affairs and Associated Faculty, Center for Information Technology Policy

Princeton University

Tamar Mitts, PhD

Assistant Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Department of Political Science

Columbia University

Arvind Narayanan, PhD

Professor of Computer Science and Director, Center for Information Technology Policy

Princeton University

Jake Shapiro, PhD

Professor of Politics and International Affairs

Princeton University

Yao Xie, PhD

Professor and Coca-Cola Foundation Chair

Georgia Institute of Technology


agenda for Misinformation Symposium on May 10th