R Lightning Talks

Mar 24, 2023, 12:00 pm1:00 pm
Robertson Bowl 015


Event Description

Graduate students wil talk about interesting applications of R in their work and see how you too can use R for social science and policy research! Please contact Angela Li  or DDSS Graduate Fellow Kim Kreiss with any questions, or to volunteer for future talks or submit advanced topic proposals. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP.

Speakers include:

Varun Satish is a 1st-year PhD student at OPR studying Demography and Social Policy. He previously worked as a research assistant for economists, data scientists, and sociologists. He will show some common issues he runs into when implementing reproducible analysis and show a few simple solutions that you can easily incorporate into your work.

Noe Hinck is a 1st-year PhD student in SPIA, with research interests in humanitarianism, development, and security. She previously was the data analyst for UN Migration in South Sudan. She will present an overview of the workflow of a data analyst in an emergency setting and delve into sampling frame creation and data validation in more depth. Examples will include data from population tracking and needs assessment exercises.

John Kearns is a 1st-year MPA student in SPIA focusing on federal economic and technology policy. He previously worked at the American Enterprise Institute focusing on monetary policy, international economics, and public finance. He will present on a sample project estimating the crowdedness of the Princeton student gym. The code will integrate GitHub actions, using outside data through an API, and publishing interactive results in a dashboard on Shiny Apps.