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What is DDSS?

DDSS supports research at the technical forefront of quantitative inquiry in the social sciences, with a focus on innovation that carries multidisciplinary benefits and topics that hold contemporary relevance. 

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We offer two types of funding for innovative quantitative research, depending on the scope and technical requirements of the project. We invite large-scale grant proposals twice a year. Small-scale grant applications are considered on a rolling basis.

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Data-Driven Social Science at Princeton Event (11/16)

The Initiative for Data-Driven Social Science (DDSS) will host an informational event "Data-Driven Social Science at Princeton: New…

DDSS Fall 2021 Call for Proposals and Online Submission Now Open

Princeton’s Data-Driven Social Science Initiative welcomes applications for our funding in support of innovation across the social sciences…

Princeton's new research data environment offers security, collaboration

Led by a research team at Princeton University, the New Jersey Families Study examines the lives of young children using an innovative methodology…

Network for Data-Intensive Research on Aging

The Network for Data-Intensive Research on Aging (NDIRA) will support an emerging interdisciplinary community of scientists using novel collections of cross-sectional, longitudinal, and contextual data for research on population aging. NDIRA will bring established scholars of aging together with scholars new to the field and introduce them to data that are fundamental to understanding health outcomes at older ages. 

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