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DDSS supports research at the technical forefront of quantitative inquiry in the social sciences, with a focus on innovation that carries multidisciplinary benefits and topics that hold contemporary relevance. 

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We offer two types of funding for innovative quantitative research, depending on the scope and technical requirements of the project. We invite large-scale grant proposals twice a year. Small-scale grant applications are considered on a rolling basis.

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Data Science: The New Frontier in Global Health and Development

Please join us for a presentation by Dr. Uyi Stewart, Chief Data and Technology Officer at

Recent global health crises have made it imperative to understand disease transmission and economic vulnerability in our increasingly interconnected world. At the same time, new technologies have exponentially raised the volume and complexity of digital data...

Data-Driven Social Science at Princeton: New Frontiers in Research

Please join the Initiative for Data-Driven Social Science (DDSS) at its informational event "Data-Driven Social Science at Princeton: New Frontiers in Research.” DDSS offers technical and financial support for innovation in data- and computationally-intensive social science research that generates…

L2 Voter Registration Data Workshop (10/28)


The Initiative for Data-Driven Social Science invites researchers who are interested in using the L2 voter registration database to an introductory workshop at 2:00pm on Friday, October 28th in 300 Wallace…

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